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A great workout that increases speed, strength, and stamina to build a lean body. Boxing is ideal for self-defense, to boost confidence and also to become a good dancer. Boxing is a sport predominately about a concept rarely, if ever, heard known as “disciplined aggression.”

Advantages :

Improves muscular endurance, core stability, strength, and power.



BJJ is a combat sport that focuses on submissions & grappling on the ground. BJJ allows a smaller, leaner person to tackle & take down a larger opponent using leverage & proper technique. A perfect self-defense art for women up to 70 yrs of age.

Advantages :

Improves flexibility, fitness, strength and general physical conditioning.



Looking to get a sculpted and agile body? Kickboxing techniques use your entire physique by engaging your thighs, glutes, and abs by giving you a toned fighter’s body. Being a combat sport, it is valuable for self-defense and general fitness.

Advantages :

Tones your upper and lower body and make you feel stronger each time you go.



Mixed Martial Art combines the strengths of Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with grappling and striking techniques which will turn you into an all-around Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Advantages :

Improves overall body conditioning and endurance.



Muay Thai boxers are renowned as the finest conditioned athletes in the world because of their intense training. The MT circuit involves Footwork, Skipping, Shadow Boxing, Weight Training, Medicine Ball, Sand Bags, Chin Ups, Sit-Ups, and Jumps.

Advantages :

Helps you shed weight quickly and tone your muscle mass.



Our Youth Academy session is a great way to get teens interested in sports and fitness. Fitness Fight Club’s training can be fun and a safe form of exercise for kids and teenagers. The goal is to make our youth aware of health and fitness and how it could transform their lives.

Advantages :

Improves focus and discipline in the long run.

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Circuit Force unique form of Yoga that includes the most effective asanas is for combat athletes only. This perfect blend of art and movements are great for isometric, strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, coordination and endurance for our members and combat athletes. This program is an Intellectual Property (IP) of FFC.

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Fight Circuit Training hybridization of Wrestling and Judo. Apart from learning how to grapple against a standing opponent, Wrudo includes interval training and gymnastics into one fast-paced hour. This program is an Intellectual Property (IP) of FFC.


Circuit Force

Circuit force programs are filled with high intensity interval movements with functional fitness methodology. Using scalable movements the founder was able to create workouts that is easy to learn, efficient and effective in building ones fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a programmer or a full-time mom, CF programs will push you to your limit and make you achieve your fitness goals. These programs will teach you valuable movements and skills relevant to your day-to-day life. Read More


Fight Circuit Training

The founder has named these FCT programs after great fighters who are known to have introduced and educated the world of combat sports and its energy to bring people around the world together. Train like a fighter with no combat regiments will produce a well balanced individual and shape both your mind and body. Read More


Transformation 12

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White Collar Bouts

WCB - White Collar Bouts

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to present you to WCB. Please join me in raising awareness and sign up to be a part of ‘VS The Austin Foundation’. This charity is particularly close to my heart as I have personally witnessed children suffering from poverty around the world. We hope that you to will lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves.

India is fast becoming a Mecca for quality, competitive, live sporting events. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in professional and white-collar boxing in Asia and Europe since 2005 not just as a fighter but also as an organizer and promoter. We hope to continue a tradition that started back in 2002 from professional and amateur ranks to white-collar bouts; promoting exciting, fair and competitive martial arts events to fight fans. Our white-collar fighters are all well trained and we salute their single-mindedness, determination, dedication and needless to say their immense courage which will be on display yearly.

A big thank you to all our fighters, friends, families, staffs, sponsors and partners for their support and love to make this event possible and thank you to the audience, for your support.

Austin Prakesh


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