Mr. Austin Prakash, the founder of Fitness Club, Bangalore, has informed me that he is engaged in spreading the Muay Thai culture in India through establishments which teach Muay Thai on a commercial basis. I am certain that many Indians would also like to experience and learn the sport and culture of Muay Thai.
Anil Wadhwa

India Ambassador to Thailand

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Austin (AP) and the FFC fight team for training, encouraging and giving me the opportunity to fight on both domestic and International platform. I have never in my wildest dream thought that this would have been possible for me.
Murali Manohar

DELL India, Bangalore

A typical muscle gym is very boring and involves just doing the same repetitive movements over and again. I have been to mixed martial gym’s internationally and super excited to have Fitness Fight Club in Bangalore. I am looking forward to training with international trainers in the gym and most importantly fighting to stay fit.
Nithin Kamath

CEO, Zerodha

As far as I can go back to my childhood, I have always been an active athlete. Having spent two weeks in FFC, its founder Mr. Austin provided me with just what I believe in: staying fit and having fun! I will be looking forward to my next business trip to India and to Fitness Fight Club!!!
Sheemain Zaman

COO, Standard Chartered

Joining FFC is definitely the best thing I have done for myself. This is not something I plan to give up any time soon. It works, it feels great and it’s also a good stress buster. Thanks Austin for your inspiration, encouragement and instilling in me the motivation to do my best. I just want to spread the word to help and enrich some other peoples lives the way mine has been since I discovered training at FFC.
Sandeep Prabhu

IT Analyst | DELL

Muay Thai fight training was something I never thought I would try. I was visiting my brother in Bangalore and he goes to the Fitness Fight Club, I tagged along and decided to take their trial class, which turned out be one of the most enriching experience of my life. The assistance trainer, Rajesh, pushed me both mentally and physically. He helped me realize how tough I really am.
Gurpriya Bagga
Akhila Seetharaman

Member @Fitness Fight Club


Member @Fitness Fight Club

Biswa Dev

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Chris Bill Edwards

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Kanika Pandey

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Nate Diaz
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